How to track a Dell/Alienware delivery via WUK and Syncreon

I recently ordered a new laptop via Dell. After it was dispatched, I was given tracking information for WUK which gave me the following error:

“The Order Number entered did not match the Customer Number”

How did I solve it?

I had an 8 digit order number and added a 0 to the beginning to make it 9 digits long. My customer number consisted of GB1 followed by 7 more numbers. Replace the GB1 with 02 and it should work.

4 thoughts on “How to track a Dell/Alienware delivery via WUK and Syncreon

  1. chris parker

    I had the same issue tracking an XPS laptop. Followed the suggested solution and it works!!

    Thanks very much!

  2. Chris

    Amazing – it worked like a charm! Just out of my curiosity, how did you discover the link between “GB1” and “02”? I wouldn’t have guessed it in a million years!

    1. Geek Post author

      After a lot of time talking to Dell customer support and banging my head against the wall 🙂


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