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Lotus Notes – Fix Incorrect Unread Mail Count

If you are using IBM Lotus Notes Mail and the unread message count is wrong, then it may be the ‘views’ are not built properly.

Two possible solutions:

Solution 1

From within the mail file, goto Edit -> Unread Marks -> Scan Unread…

It may prompt you to re-build the views, in which case say Yes.

Solution 2

If you are still having problems, then from within the mail file press Ctrl + Shift + F9 to force a rebuild.

Close and reopen the mail file and the problem will hopefully disappear.

The correct permissions needed on a Linux/Unix system for the /tmp and /var/tmp folders.

The /tmp and /var/tmp directories require different permissions to the other root directories. They need to be readable, writeable and executable by anyone but also need to have the Sticky Bit enabled.

The Sticky Bit means that whilst anyone can write to the directory, only the owner and root and edit or remove a file. This is denoted by the ‘t’ in the permissions string below:

# ls -l /tmp
drwxrwxrwt 21 root root 12288 Aug 09 12:37 /tmp

You can change the permissions using CHMOD with a ‘1’ before the normal all access 777 directory permissions:

# chmod 1777 /tmp
# chmod 1777 /var/tmp