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How to keep Track Changes when copying text from Microsoft Word

If you are copying and pasting┬átext from one Microsoft Word document to another, then any track changes in the original will be lost in the new document. However if you ‘cut’ the text using a key combination and then paste you can keep this markup.


  1. As you are cutting text from the original document, it would be best to make a backup.
  2. Ensure ‘Tracked Changes’ is switched OFF in the new document. Otherwise, the entire paste will appear as new text.
  3. In the original document, select the text you wish to copy.
  4. Press ‘CTRL + F3’ to cut the text.
  5. In the new document, press ‘CTRL + SHIFT + F3’ to paste the text.
  6. If you wish to undelete the text in the old document, simply press ‘Undo’ or ‘CTRL + Z’. If this doesn’t work for some reason, then don’t worry as you have hopefully made a backup in Step 1!