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Change British Airways Reservation – What Constitutes a ‘Low’, ‘Medium’ or ‘High’ Additional Fare?

Booked a British Airways flight but want to change the date/time? That is easy enough as the guide shows below, however what about the ‘Additional Fare’? The last time I tried to change my flight, I got an error and was required to phone the BA Booking Phone line.

One of the best benefits of booking online is the ability to check the different options very quickly without having to explain what you want to a travel agent. With the array of options available, I didn’t want to go through each one with the BA agent but instead have an idea of what I was getting for myself.

Login to your Executive Club account and select ‘Manage my Booking’. From there, select the flight you’d like to change, select ‘Change/Cancel Booking’ and then select from either from of the upgrade options or to ‘Change Date/Time of my flight’ as per the demonstration below.

BA Change Flight Booking

 After asking you to confirm which flight you’re changing, if other options are available you will be confronted with a screen that looks similar to this:

Change Flight Options

I like the look of this list – there are even options to upgrade on different planes. The problem is that instead of showing a number, all you are shown is a ‘Low’, ‘Medium’ or ‘High’ additional fare. Understandably, it is a ‘High’ additonal fare to change my World Traveller flight to a Club World flight. No dramas.

What does the catch-all fare title mean?

After a bit of back and forth with the agent, I am posting my results to save you time!

‘Low’ means less than £1000 to change.

‘Medium’ means £1000 to £3000 to change.

‘High’ means more than £3000 to change.

To cut a long story short, I think British Airways have a slightly different definition of what ‘Low’, ‘Medium’ and ‘High’ really means to the average consumer.

So I think I’ll stick with my World Traveller fare instead…